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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vote Kim Edry for Miss Universe 2011!

Kim Edry

Country: Israel
Hometown: Sderot
Age: 19

We are less than one month away from Miss Universe 2011, the annual competition pitting each country’s finest ambassadors against one another. This year, the pageant is being held in Sao Paulo, Brazil and will be airing September 12th at 9 pm on NBC. Israel’s very own Kim Edry needs all of our support to get to the semi-finals! In a new, 21st century twist, candidates only make it to the final rounds via your vote. You can vote online here, but let’s take a minute to get to know her!

Kim was crowned Israel's Maiden of Beauty 2011 last March

When she’s not rocking fabulous designer outfits, Kim was probably your average teenager from Sderot, in southern Israel. She even spent some time serving in the IDF (see a picture of her in uniform here) The 19 year old is on the tall side at 5’9″ (1.75 meters), and believe it or not, her flight to Brazil ahead of the pageant was the first time she’s ever flown by herself.

Of course, the Israeli model has a lot of competition, with over 80 countries represented. When asked if she had been scouting out her competitors, she said “Yes. I looked at some pictures of the contestants and I thought to myself which ones I could see myself connecting with. One which made a big impression on me was Miss United States.”

So what makes her really stand out compared to the other gorgeous women competing for the crown? “There’s nothing like the Israeli beauty and the Israeli character” said Kim. “Besides, we deserve some Nachas (Joy). It’s been a while since last time an Israeli won, we deserve some positive press.” Fun fact, the last (and only) Israeli to be crowned Miss Universe was Rina Messinger back in 1976.

So, whether you’re a fan of the Miss Universe competition or not, show your support for Israel and let’s make sure she makes it to the finals! With over 80 countries broadcasting the event, we can show the world the face of the Israeli people! Vote here for Kim Edry!

To read more about Kim (in Hebrew) and see more pics of the Israeli beauty, click here.

Miss Israel 2011 Winner - Kim Edri

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Kim Edri - Crowning Moment - Miss Israel Universe 2011