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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joseftal Hospital's vital, life-saving work

The quadruple terrorist attacks on Thursday, August 18th, which killed 8 Israelis and injured dozens more in southern Israel, hit home in Jewish Toronto, because of UJA Federation’s long- standing partnership with the Eilat/Eilot Region.

Since the initial attacks, close to 200 more terrorist rockets have been fired toward southern Israel from Gaza, forcing countless Israeli men, women and children to spend much of the summer in bomb shelters.

Long ago, UJA Federation identified the vital importance of Eilat's Joseftal Hospital due to its remote location. Joseftal was at the forefront of Israel’s medical response to these acts of terrorism with its medical team rising to the occasion, providing first-class emergency services to the victims.

As a result, and with your help, UJA Federation has spearheaded a major project to renovate Joseftal, and build a new emergency wing. We also invested in an enhancement of the quality of care.

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Joseftal Hospital's vital, life-saving work in response to the recent terrorist attacks in Eilat, Israel.