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Monday, August 15, 2011

Robo-Bird Israel’s new Organic Pesticide

For centuries in the battle between man and animals, the animals paid the price. But in the last few years, concern for nature and an increased consumption of organic food have led farmers across the world to adopt new means to keep animals at bay.

Today, ecologists in Israel are trying to implement the newest techniques available to keep both man and animal satisfied, and that is when they called Robo-Bird as back up.

Designed to look and act like a falcon, robo-bird or Falco-Robo is basically a model airplane with birdlike features that’s designed to “hunt” and chase away unwanted birds. The “bird” takes off by biological bird concentrations and makes sure the know that they know that they aren’t wanted: ” A bird doesn’t know that it has to fear guns or poison, therefore the only way it “learns” is through a fatal experience”, says Dr. Ohad Hatzofeh, bird ecologist at Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority, “but the fear from a bird of prey has been embedded in bird’s DNA through centuries of evolution. Just seeing a passing shadow of one will make even the hungriest bird fly away”.

In the past days the Robo- Bird has been touring Israel and was presented to farmers, air traffic controllers and government officials. The people at the Parks Authority hope that soon it’s presence in the sky will make sure that both man and bird finally come to peace.