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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Israeli Air Force Returns to Romania

The Israeli Air Force returned to training in joint Israel-Romania aviation exercises for the first time since last summer's Israeli military helicopter crash in Romania. Last summer's crash resulted in the deaths of six Israeli soldiers and one Romanian soldier.

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For the first time since an Israeli military helicopter crashed in Romania last year, the Israel Air Force returned to training in joint Israel-Romania aviation exercises. Last summer’s Sikorsky helicopter crash resulted in the deaths of six IDF soldiers and one Romanian soldier. Sikorsky squadrons did not participate in this summer’s joint aviation exercises held in Romania.
Romanian Air Force Deputy Commander General Alexander Glushka comments on Romania-Israel strategic cooperation:

“In the past year, the friendship between us has become a brotherhood. This cooperation is extremely important to us.”

Earlier this month, the Israel Air Force flew Hercules squadrons to Romania for joint military training exercises that took place across Romania and in the Carpathian Mountains—the site of last summer’s crash. Throughout the two-week joint aviation exercises, Hercules squadrons mastered mountain navigation in the face of complex, unfamiliar topography and irregular weather.
Major Roey, squadron commander and head of the Israel Air Force deployment, comments on the Hercules squadron:

“The Hercules was intentionally built as a tactical transport plane, meaning a plane that navigates, flies through unfriendly territories, and leads fighters.”