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Israel engineers are behind the development of the largest communications router in the world, launched by Cisco.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This Israel by Matthew Brown

This Isreal from Matthew Brown on Vimeo.

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A road trip straight through Israel. Had no idea what the complexities and diversity of the cultures were, but I got deeper and deeper, seeing all walks of life living together in this amazing land. The conglomerate of things happening in that tiny, but EPIC country (it’s smaller than New Jersey!) packed a punch like a bustling beehive. I was overwhelmed and totally let Israel envelope me. I bonded with every flavor of person there… they were all Israeli. They were all beautiful people. (By the way, the title isn’t spelled wrong, lol…read it again ;)

Israeli girl to address Nobel winners

Maya Samuels, 18, among 24 young scientists from all around the world invited to present their high school research work to this year’s Nobel Prize laureates in Sweden

Maya Samuels, 18, of the northern community of Yesod Hama’ala, is so excited she has been having trouble sleeping in the past few days.

Instead, she devotes every available moment to rehearse the lecture she will be giving Nobel Prize laureates in Sweden in about 10 days.

Samuels, who graduated from the Har Veguy High School in Kibbutz Dafna last summer, has been chosen to represent Israel in a gathering of young scientists from all around the world, who will present their research work to the 2011 Nobel Prize winners.

She was invited to the event thanks to a unique method she developed, which prevents paint from fading. This discovery carries important implications in the fields of art, textile, the coloring of exterior surfaces and printing.

Samuels conducted the research, under the guidance of Prof. Giora Ritbo, as part of her studies at the Science Education Center for Youth at Tel Hai College. Her discovery was selected out of 76 term papers of Israeli students at the Davidson Institute at the Weizman Institute of Science.

She will be joining 23 outstanding your scientists from all around the world, who have been chosen to present their work to the Nobel laureates.

Full story Via Ynetnews

Behind the scenes photos from Spencer Tunicks Dead Seas Nude installation

Some G-rated behind the scene pictures from Spencer Tunick’s Dead Sea nude installation

London Olympics Green Professional Visits Israel

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Street Art in Tel Aviv

In recent years, walls and derelict building in Tel Aviv, mainly its center and south, have been covered with various images: from simple slogans and complex graffiti to carefully executed colorful compositions.

These works, some in large format, some small and hidden, are unique in the daring and innovation they demonstrate regarding street/art relations, and display the various styles of the artists and their techniques (aerosol, acrylic, pasting and stencils). The works, some colorful, some black and white, are all made clandestinely and illicitly, and their execution requires skill, talent, speed and excellent spatial perception. The exhibition presents the major street artists active in Tel Aviv, the various media and styles they use, and their different ways of dealing with the shift from the bustle of detail-laden streets to the Museum’s white walls.

Participating artists:

AME72, Adi Sened, Broken Fingaz, Foma

Example of works on display:

More info via the Tel Aviv Museum of Art