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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunbeat Music Festival. June 16, 2012

Taking place throughout the summer, the Sunbeat Music Festival is Israel’s most innovative Global Beats Festival – one of the only music festivals in Israel to rival the big festivals of Europe. Unlike most festivals, Sunbeat is held in three parts, throughout the summer – in 2012 this will be in June, July, and September, at a beautiful location in the Galilee. Attracting passionate, groovy, and upbeat acts from within Israel as well as internationally, Sunbeat is set to be something to remember. The first Sunbeat Festival of 2012 will take place on June 16, with following festivals in July and September.

About the Sunbeat Festival

The Sunbeat Festival was first held in 2011 – a huge success, the festival presented to its mostly Israeli audience some of the most energetic world music acts from Israel and beyond. Split into three events, taking place at 6 week intervals throughout the summer, festival-goers head to the beautiful setting of Israel’s Lower Galilee for some fine music. The festival has quickly become known for its warm, positive & open minded crowd who originate from Israel and beyond.

Sunbeat represents the new global village culture, which draws its inspiration from east and west, fusing different cultural backgrounds, musical heritages, and technological traditions – presenting everything from the traditional folklore to the cutting edge technology.

Besides the live shows, the Sunbeat Festival hosts DJ’s and producers, visual art installations, circus and dance acts, and more.

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