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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chinese managers to study entrepreneurship in Tel Aviv

About 1,000 senior executives and entrepreneurs from Nanjing are expected to participate in a special program at Tel Aviv University over the next five years.

Tel Aviv University in cooperation with the Consul General of Israel in Shanghai is to host host a delegation from the city of Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province in China, headed by Mr Yang Weize, Secretary of CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee. This is the first time that a delegation from China is participating in a special executive development program of studies to be conducted by LAHAV Executive Education at Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Management. About 1,000 senior executives and entrepreneurs from the city of Nanjing in China are expected to participate in this special program over the next five years.

To mark 20 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and Israel, the city of Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, will hold “Nanjing Day” at Tel Aviv University’s campus on Monday, 21 May 2012. A cooperation accord between Nanjing, a city with a population of eight million, and Tel Aviv University, will be signed, and an exhibition of Chinese art, “The Beauty of Nanjing”, will be opened. "The Night of Nanjing”, open to the general public, will take place in the Bar Shira Auditorium from 18:30 to 19:30, with performances by dancers, singers and acrobats from Nanjing who will be coming specially for this event. 

“Nanjing Day” will be held in the presence of Prof. Joseph Klafter, President of Tel Aviv University, Her Excellency, Madam Gao Yanping, Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to the state of Israel, Mr Yang Weize, Secretary of CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee and will be attended by Prof. Asher Tishler, Dean of the Faculty of Management, Dr Michael Angel, Chairman of LAHAV Executive Education, Mr Udi Aharoni, CEO of LAHAV Executive Education, and members of the delegation from China, senior officeholders from Tel Aviv University, academics, and representatives of the business and public sectors. 

Apart from Mr Yang Weize, the delegation from Nanjing will include 30 senior officeholders and entrepreneurs. Among them will be Mr Zhou Qian, Vice Mayor of Nanjing, Mr Zheng Zeguang, Vice Mayor of Nanjing and Ms Chen Liqin, Vice Chairman of Nanjing People's Political Consultative Conference and the Executive Vice Director of the Organization Department, CPC Nanjing Committee. 

The delegation will meet President of the State of Israel Shimon Peres, Dr Giora Yaron, chairman of Tel Aviv University’s Executive Council, Prof. Joseph Klafter, president of Tel Aviv University, Prof. Aron Shai, rector of Tel Aviv University, Prof. Asher Tishler, dean of the Faculty of Management, Udi Aharoni, CEO of LAHAV, academics, and leaders of the business and public sectors in Israel. 

Chinese organizations usually send their senior officials to study in the US and Singapore. The members of the Nanjing delegation chose Israel and LAHAV Executive Education at Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Management for their studies in order to get a first-hand taste of Israeli entrepreneurship and innovation from Israel’s experts in the field. 

Under the cooperation accord between the educational entity representing the city of Nanjing and LAHAV Executive Education to be signed on “Nanjing Day” on 21 May at Tel Aviv University, every year for the next five years, the city of Nanjing will send over 200 senior executives, entrepreneurs and officials for studies at LAHAV. The title of the program of studies will be Entrepreneurship and Innovation The Israeli Model. In the first program, scheduled to begin on 22 May 2012, the students from China will learn about the special characteristics of this model, and how it supports the creation of global enterprises in various hi-tech areas. The program includes meetings with leading academics, managers of venture capital funds, government officials, and visits to leading companies in the area. 

Prof. Klafter said, "Tel Aviv University is proud to play a focal role in strengthening academic relations between China and Israel. The program of studies for senior officials and leading entrepreneurs from the city of Nanjing, the first of its kind at Tel Aviv University, opens opportunities for important academic, scientific and research activities."

Source: Globes