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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Israeli artists raise NIS 1.5M to help fight AIDS

Leading Israeli artists auction off their artwork to help raise money for AIDS victims.

An annual art exhibition intended to raise money to fight AIDS auctioned off artwork of some of the most prominent Israeli artists recently.

The exhibition, which is sponsored by Bank Hapoalim, showcased over 650 of Israel’s leading artists such as Menashe Kadishman and Yigal Tomarkin.

Over 3,600 guests were invited to the opening show. Within several hours, most of the artwork was sold. The amount of money raised came to NIS 1.5 million ($400,200).

In addition to some of the familiar artwork showcased, students from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design and Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design had the opportunity to present and auction their work as well.

“I speak for volunteers, care takers and the community when I say how deeply we appreciate the effort and hard work Israel’s finest artists made this year with their contribution to this cause and the fight against AIDS,” said Yonatan Karni Chairman of the Israel AIDS Task Force.

“The artists participating in the exhibition are our partners. They help deliver the message to the public and support many of our projects,” he said