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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bono’s Guide to Tel Aviv Bars Via

People who went to the bars on Dizengoff street, Tel Aviv last night were surprised to see U2’s frontman Bono hanging out and having a drink. The superstar’s secret visit has got into the Israeli press after dozens of photos of him have surfaced on Facebook. Bono was in a good mood and agreed to take a picture with everyone.

The reason of his arrival is yet unknown, especially because he is supposed to make a stage appearance in Los Angeles this weekend. The rumor is that the superstar was in Syria for humanitarian help, and couldn’t help it but come and have a night of fun in Israel.

Here’s Bono’s guide to Tel Aviv bars: he was first seen on ‘The Patio’ on Hayarkon street, then went to ‘Rothchild 12’ and ‘Ha-ilka’ on Dizengoff and then to ‘ Radio EPGB’ in south Tel Aviv where he accidently ran into Asaf Zamir, Tel Aviv’s vice-mayor. The night ended with eating pizza in the van.

This isn’t the first time of Bono in Israel. It was 1996 when he paid his first visit, which was personal, with then Israeli spring-fling Eden Harel, who was a hostess on MTV Europe. The two met on the red carpet at the MTV music awards. A year after, U2 performed in Tel Aviv.

Since it seems like Bono has had a really good time in Tel Aviv last night, we have decided to recommend his bar-tour for the next time our readers’ are in town, so here it is: ‘Bono’s TLV night of fun’ (click on the picture to enlarge and print)


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