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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tel Aviv = Stud City According to Traveler’s Digest

It’s hard to be modest when you’re this damn good looking. We can thank Traveler’s Digest (spotted via this slideshow on Huffington Post) for inflating our egos with their list of the Top 10 Cities With The World’s Best-Looking Men. Writing, “Tel Aviv has become a hot spot for trendsetters worldwide. Local cuties flaunt their fit bodies –-made all the better by their year-round tans– at any of the numerous beaches and cafés found on the 10-mile seaside strip.”

Tel Aviv came in at number 10, with New York City at the number 2 slot, and the almost unfairly ridiculously good looking Swedes in Stockholm at number 1. Traveler’s Digest didn’t disclose their methodology, only to say that the list was based on a woman’s perspective. As Tel Aviv is one of the hottest LGBT friendly cities in the world, you can bet Tel Aviv’s men would also be rated best looking if the judges were men.

The Traveler’s Digest article was in response to an earlier piece listing the most beautiful women in the world (Tel Aviv came in at number 7 on that list).