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Friday, September 16, 2011

Rita receives international acting award

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Israeli singer Rita has proved her worth as an international film star after she won the Jury Special Recognition for Acting award at the San Francisco International Festival of Short Films.

The film by Elad Zakai called "Ben is back," also won the Gold Jury Award and the Audience award.

In the film Rita played the lead role as a mother trying to save her family from the growing insanity of the eldest son.

Zakai told reporters the awards given to the movie are a huge compliment not only to himself but also everyone who worked with him. Rita he said played a fantastic role and fully deserves the award.

This is not the singer's first acting role. Some twenty years ago she starred in the Israeli film "The 1000 wives of Naftali Siman-Tov, and has also appeared in musicals such as "My fair lady," and "Chicago."


Rita Yahan-Farouz (Hebrew: ריטה יהאן-פרוז‎; Persian: ریتا جهان‌فروز, stage name Rita, b. March 24, 1962) is a Iranian-born Israeli pop singer and actress.

Early life

Rita Yahan-Farouz was born in Tehran, Iran. Her family emigrated to Israel in 1970.

Musical and acting career



Rita began her career in 1980 as part of a musical troupe in the Israeli Army. In 1982, she attended the "Beit Zvi" school of acting. Her first exposure to the general public in Israel was at the 1986 Pre-Eurovision Song Contest (known as the Kdam-Eurovision), which decided who would represent Israel in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Rita did not win, but her song,"Shvil habricha", along with her provocative performance, garnered much interest. That same year, Rita starred in an adaptation of My Fair Lady and released her self-titled debut album, Rita, which went triple platinum, selling over 120,000 copies.

In 1988, Rita released her second album, Yemei Ha'Tom (Days of Innocence), which was produced by her husband, Rami Kleinstein, and which included a song by noted Israeli playwright Hanoch Levin. In 1988 and 1989 she was chosen as Singer of the Year by Israel's national radio station.



In 1990, Rita finally got her chance to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest with her song Shara Barkhovot (Singing in the Streets), but only achieved 18th place. After a brief hiatus, Rita returned in 1994 with her third album, Ahava Gedola (Big Love), which was also successful and led to a three-year tour around the country. Tahanot Bazman (Stations in Time) was released in 1996, consisting mainly of previously unreleased material.

In 1995, Rita Voiced Pocahontas in the Hebrew Dub of the Animated Film Pocahontas. She Also Sang Singing parts in the Film.

In 1998, Rita was invited to sing the Israeli national Anthem Hatikvah (The Hope) as part of Israel's jubilee celebration Paamonei ha'yovel (The Jubilee Bells). There was a minor uproar concerning the amount of money she would be paid, which seemed exorbitant to some, but she was finally convinced to perform following a call from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. She reportedly donated her fee to charity.
In 1999, Rita released Tiftah Halon (Open a Window) which was also a great success, followed by Hamtzan (oxygen) in 2003 which was less successful. In 2004, Rita played the role of Roxie Hart in an adaptation of Chicago for the Beit Lessin Theater.



In 2006, Rita put on a new show called One (in English) which ran for a month at the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center. Directed by Hanoch Rozen, it was a lavish affair including lasers, flamethrowers, 3-D images, smoke machines and forty dancers, acrobats, and actors. Over 100,000 tickets were sold.
After five years during which she didn't release any new albums, Rita released her 7th album, "Remazim" (Clues).



In 2010 she performed in a special concert at the Presidential Residence in Jerusalem, in the presence of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, and Israeli president Shimon Peres. She sang her musical version to Bialik's poem Hachanasini tachat Knafeh and an aria in Italian. She released her new Persian single, Shane, on June 22, 2011.