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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Israeli actress to play Superman's mother

Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer has been chosen to play the role of Superman's mother in the "Man of Steel" a prequel to the Superman series.

Zurer will play alongside Russel Crowe in the new Hollywood movie, due to hit the theaters in 2013.

The role marks another Hollywood victory for the Israeli actress, who had in the past starred in the movie "Angels and Demons" with Tom Hanks, as well as Steven Spielberg's "Munich."

Crowe is portraying Superman's Kryptonian father, Jor-El. Superman is being played by the British actor Henry Cavill.


Ayelet Zurer (Hebrew: איילת זורר‎; born 28 June 1969) is an Israeli actress, perhaps best known for her roles in Nina’s Tragedies, Adam Resurrected, Munich, and Angels & Demons.

Zurer, who has appeared in many Israeli films and television series, is one of the most acclaimed Israeli actresses of her day. She was nominated for awards at the Jerusalem Film Festival, the Israeli Academy Awards and the Israeli Television Academy Awards. She won Best Actress awards for her roles in the Israeli film Nina’s Tragedies and Betipul, an Israeli drama series which was adapted into the award winning HBO series, In Treatment. Aside from Betipul, her past television roles include Israeli series Inyan Shel Zman, Florentin, Zinzana, Hadar Milhama and others.

Early Life

Zurer was born and raised in Tel Aviv. Her father was a government worker and her mother spent World War II hiding in a convent in Czechoslovakia. After the war, Zurer's mother was reunited with her parents, former sawyers who survived the war by hiding. The family relocated to Tel Aviv, where Zurer was born and raised.

After finishing her military service, she moved to New York, where she developed her acting skills.