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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eureka will invest in 14 projects

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The European inter-state body for Research and Development - approved a series of promising cooperative R&D projects in a variety of areas, including renewable energy, agrofood technology, biotechnology, physical and exact sciences, IT and electronics, industrial manufacturing, and more when it assembled in Haifa and Nazareth earlier this month, under the auspices of the Israeli Chairmanship of the European body.

During the EUREKA meeting, 89 innovative projects totaling 134 million Euros of investment were approved. This includes 71 projects endorsed through the Eurostars program, a joint initiative of EUREKA and the European Commission which supports small and medium sized R&D intensive companies.

Fourteen of the 89 approved individual EUREKA and Eurostars projects have Israeli partners -- representing almost 16% of the total. Israel is only one of 40 member countries in EUREKA but represents just under one fifth of the individual project proposals approved during this meeting.