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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Featured Book: The Case for Israel, by Alan Dershowitz

The Case for Israel is a New York Times bestseller by Alan Dershowitz, a law professor at Harvard University. The book responds to common criticisms of Israel.

The book is divided into several chapters, each of which addresses what Dershowitz identifies as being particularly strong accusations and myths about Israel, such as "Israel is the 'prime' human rights violator in the world" and "Israel is the cause of the Arab–Israeli conflict." Each chapter is divided into several sections. "The Accusation" states a common criticism of Israel, "The Accusers" lists several quotes from critics supporting the accusation, "The Reality" contains a short statement contradicting the accusation, and "The Proof" contains Dershowitz's explanation of his viewpoint. Edward Said and Noam Chomsky are among the critics that he quotes the most heavily.

Dershowitz has released a sequel in 2005 championing the two state solution. The book, The Case for Peace, explains what he believes is needed to be done in order to achieve peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Case for Peace Website

"Dershowitz makes an excellent case for Israel, and does it with style. One of the first assertions he makes is that the best solution to the conflict is a two state solution where both Israel and the future Palestine may live freely and in peace with each other, with explanations why no other option is feasible or moral. Using this as a basis for discussion, and drawing on his liberal and libertarian philosophies, Dershowitz goes on to examine the accusations frequently leveled against Israel, tackling one per chapter, and then dissects and defeats them. A strength of this book is that Dershowitz draws from traditionally anti-Israel and neutral sources to make his arguments, never relying on pro-Israel sources for crucial information, yet still manages to turn the accusations on their heads, proving them both factually incorrect and logically inconsistent.

This book is a must for anyone trying to make sense of the Arab-Israeli conflict, especially since it provides a different perpective from the one you receive on college campuses around the country. "

"Dershowitz's cogent assessment of Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict will compel all honest thinkers to reevaluate their positions. "

"I am still in the process of reading this book. And I have also read many of the comments posted here. All I want to say is that no matter what people agree/disagree, or whether some historical facts or data are accurate (which can never be as accurate as we all expect), this book should be regarded as a platform upon which people learn to put aside their own bias and start to listen to the stories of others. It should be a starting point of better understanding instead chaotic finger-pointing. "