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Sunday, September 1, 2013

“Sexy Shofar Man” Travels Israel Blasting His Kudu Horn

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“Street Shofar Man” has gone international. Michael Brous, aka “Sexy Shofar Man,” spent the period preceding last year’s High Holidays walking the streets of Los Angeles, blowing a shofar, a traditional bugle made from the horn of a ram or kudu. This year, however, Brous traveled all the way to Israel in order to spread the shofar’s eternal message of peace and new possibility.

In a new video, he can be seen blasting his kudu’s horn in such varied locales as Jerusalem’s Old City, a Bedouin village, and a Tel Aviv night club.
The video was produced in conjunction with IKAR, an organization which describes itself as “a progressive, egalitarian Jewish community, driven by a passionate belief in the relevance of the Jewish tradition and its power to infuse our lives with meaning and purpose.”
It's 5774: What Do You Stand For?
Street Shofar treks across Israel -- from Jerusalem's Old City to military bases, from Bedouin villages to posh suburban parks and hot Tel Aviv night clubs -- bringing the shofar's eternal message of PEACE, UNDERSTANDING and NEW POSSIBILITY. What do YOU stand for?
Michael Brous is Sexy Shofar Man.
Directed by - Barak Kessler
Produced by - Isaac Feder, David Light, & Rainbow Productions
Camera -- Rotem Feldner & Hagay Dekel
Editor -- Pablo Verbitsky
Concept by - Jonathan Golub
Huge thank you - Club Clara, Aviva Desse, Nadia Levine, Friends and family in the IDF, Melissa Balaban, Abbe Feder, Michal Brous, and Rabbi Sharon Brous.
A special thanks to our anonymous donors for all their support.

The shofar blast is a call to wake up to what's possible for ourselves and our world.