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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Israeli diplomats win US triathlon

 Swimming, cycling, running – and winning (archives)  Photo: Danna Zimmerman
Swimming, cycling, running – and winning (archives) Photo: Danna Zimmerman

Team led by security guard at Israeli Embassy in Washington comes in first in local race’s relay category

A team of Israeli diplomats led by a security guard at the Israeli Embassy in Washington won the first place in a local triathlon, beating thousands of competitors.
The three Israelis used their time off from work to train for their first competition together, with one of them swimming, another cycling, and the third running between the many other competitors.
Together they made it to the first place in the relay category, which included as many as 100 teams of three participants each.
The winning Israeli team, which competed for the very first time, beat several experienced teams which have participated in many competitions in the past. The victory awarded them with a medal, a trophy and a lot of respect.
“Our outstanding guys brought a lot of respect to the Embassy and to the State of Israel,” said an Israeli official in Washington.