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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Aussie super-runner completes Israel Trail

Richard Bowles finishes Israel Trail. Photo: Dov Greenblatt/SPNI
Richard Bowles finishes Israel Trail. Photo: Dov Greenblatt/SPNI

English-Australian ultra-marathoner wants more after finishing 1,009 km. Israel Trail run despite foot infection.

After plowing through 1,009 kilometers of the deserts, mountains and forests that highlight the Israel Trail, English- Australian ultra-marathoner Richard Bowles only wished that his journey could have been a little longer.
“I feel great actually,” Bowles told The Jerusalem Post over the phone on Thursday afternoon from Kibbutz Dan, just after he completed his run. “It’s nice to be here. I’m almost a little bit disappointed that it’s come to an end.”
Starting at the Eilat Field School on April 17, Bowles had planned to complete the entire trail in 12 days. Along the way, however, his body had other plans for him, when a foot infection began to pain him on April 25 – day nine of his expedition. After continuing about 60 kilometers the next day despite the infection, Bowles consulted with physicians and realized he would need to take a week off from running to allow the infection to heal.