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Monday, October 10, 2011

IDF Holds its Annual Combat Championship

The IDF held on Wednesday its annual combat championship for senior commanders at the Wingate Institute in Netanya.

Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz was among the participants in the championship, along with the IDF General Staff and senior commanders from all the divisions of the army. This year, the championship was held in a limited format for officers with the rank of lieutenant colonel and higher.

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אליפות צה"ל למפקדים נפתחה הבוקר (רביעי) בפעם העשירית ברציפות. בהוראת הרמטכ"ל רא"ל בני גנץ, אל האליפות הגיעו כבר בשעת בוקר מוקדמת כל קציני צה"ל מדרגת סא"ל ומעלה. האליפות מהווה את אירוע הדגל של מחלקת כושר
 קרבי בזרוע היבשה לשיפור הכושר והבריאות של משרתי הקבע

The championship has been taking place annually for the past several years and is the flagship event of the IDF’s Ground Forces Combat Fitness Department. The championship is meant to improve the health and fitness of IDF soldiers, and its goal is to raise awareness about physical activity, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, encouraging achievements, and providing a personal example to all soldiers.

Selected officers from all army divisions took part in the championship. The officers trained for the event over the past few months and competed in different sports such as distance running, orienteering, swimming, mini-football, basketball, beach volleyball, table tennis, street ball, and more. Following the championship games, a special basketball game took place between a special team of the General Staff led by Chief of Staff Gantz and the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team led by coach David Blatt.

The special day ended with a ceremony in which the winners of the championship were given trophies.