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Monday, May 30, 2011

Theo Caldwell on the 'Sea Hitler' Gaza boat

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Theo Caldwell and U of T professor Aurel Braun discuss the Left's bum chumming with islamofascism.

Aurel Braun

Aurel Braun is Professor of International Relations and Political Science at the University of Toronto. He is also a senior member of the Centre for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies and of the Centre for International Studies, and a Fellow and Senator of Trinity College at the University of Toronto. Professor Braun has twice been appointed a Visiting Scholar at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. Professor Braun received his Ph.D. in international relations from the London School of Economics (London, England). He is a Canadian citizen.


N.B.: Category:Year of birth missing. Also missing: (1) His country of origin before becoming a Canadian citizen,although with his first name a very common Romanian one, his origins could be Romanian and (2) Year of Canadian citizenship.

Professor Braun has published extensively on communist affairs and strategic studies with a special focus on the problems of the transformation of the socialist systems in the former Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe. He is also a specialist in international law. He is the author and/or editor of several books. These include: NATO-Russia Relations in the 21st Century (Routledge, UK and worldwide, 2008); Dilemmas of Transition (Boulder Co. and London, U.K., Fall 1999); The Extreme Right: Freedom and Security At Risk (Westview Press, Boulder, CO and London, UK, 1997); The Soviet-East European Relationship in the Gorbachev Era: The Prospects for Adaptation (Westview Press, Boulder, CO and London, UK, 1990); The Middle East in Global Strategy (Westview Press, Boulder CO & London and Mansell Publishing, London, UK, 1987); Small State Security in the Balkans (Macmillan, London, UK, 1983); Ceausescu: The Problems of Power (Canadian Institute of International Affairs, Toronto, 1980); Romanian Foreign Policy Since 1965: The Political and Military Limits of Autonomy (Praeger, NY, 1978). Professor Braun has written more than 50 scholarly articles and has contributed more than two dozen chapters to collections of scholarly works. The scholarly journals include Orbis, Problems of Communism, Millennium, International Journal, American Political Science Review, and Sudosteuropa. His project on "The Russian Diaspora and the Prospect for Large-Scale Violence" was published by The Council on Foreign Relations, NY. Currently, he is completing work on: Russia, the Russian Diaspora and Nationalizing States.


During the past two decades, Professor Braun has lectured widely in Canada, United States, Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Austria and Norway. He is the winner of the PECSU Award for Teaching Excellence at the University of Toronto. He organized three major international conferences at the University of Toronto in 1985, 1987 and 1996, and one in Ottawa in 2005. He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, the International Studies Association, the Canadian Political Science Association and several other professional organizations. He has appeared frequently on national television and radio. He contributes often to national newspapers. He has been asked to testify several times before parliamentary committees in Ottawa. He has also participated in the Congressional Program in the United States under the auspices of the Aspen Institute.