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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Israeli Stuntman Continues to Break David Blane’s Records

In the world of magic, something big enough happened that Perez Hilton to write on his blog “You’ve just been OWNED, David Blaine!” David Blane, best known for his outlandish publicity stunts, has just lost another record to Israeli stuntman Hezi Dean. A decade ago, Blane made news all over the world when he immersed himself in a solid block of ice for 63 hours in the heart of New York’s Time square. Records are made to be broken, and Hezi Dean did just that last year, encasing himself in ice for 66 hours.

Another endurance record has fallen. After being hoisted onto a 9-story pole in Tel Aviv’s Yitzhak Rabin square, he remained there without food or room to take half a step for 35 hours, breaking David Blane’s record yet again.

Said Dean of his accomplishment, “Nothing stands in front of the will.” Indeed, there were no tricks, no illusions, and no card up this Israeli’s sleeve. For 35 hours he held on to dear life nine stories above curious onlookers. When it was all over, he wasn’t hoisted down, but took a literal leap of faith into a pile of cardboard boxes to break his fall.

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