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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Celebrating Diversity - עידוד המיעוטים

Soldiers of different ethnic and religious backgrounds serve in the various branches of the Israel Defense Forces. From 2000-2008 there has been an 86% increase in the enlistment of Christians and 71% increase of Bedouins in the IDF. As of October 2010, over 1,000 Christian and Bedouin volunteers serve in the military, while 2.8% of all males in mandatory service are Druze.

One of the many goals of the Israeli army is to serve as a melting pot for the varying socioeconomic and ethnic groups that reside in the country. In order to ensure that all recruits enter the army with the same level of ability, a wide variety of programs exists to assist those who need to further develop their skills.

This album shows some of the many diverse faces of the IDF, and the programs that have been implemented in order to improve integration and ensure that all soldiers have the opportunity to succeed both within the army framework and well after their service. From preparatory academies for Israeli Ethiopians, to special events celebrating Bedouin soldiers and their communities, the IDF takes many measures to respect and honor the different backgrounds of the soldiers and help afford them opportunities.

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