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Monday, March 18, 2013

Haifa: Israel's bakery capital

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Craving a pastry? The unofficial northern capital of Israel is the place to go to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Better add bakeries to the list of attractions in Haifa, a city better known for its port, its high-tech center, its universities and its spectacular Baha'i Gardens.

There are more than 70 bake shops in Israel's unofficial northern capital, as opposed to some 50 in Tel Aviv, though Haifa is smaller than Tel Aviv. And because of Haifa's multicultural nature, the goodies are not in just one genre. There are Jewish, Muslim and Christian bakeries offering a wide variety of ethnic dessert cuisine and fresh breads.

Mouthwatering mousse cake, sweet cookies, glazed fruit pies, honey-nut drenched baklava -- you'll see it all in Haifa, and this video provides a tantalizing taste.

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