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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Israeli art scene honored in Rome


Twenty-four Israeli artists star in new exhibition in Italian capital which has received medal of honor from President Giorgio Napolitano

Twenty-four renowned Israeli artists are the stars of an exhibition opened recently in Rome under the title, “Israel Now: Reinventing the Future.”
Curator Micol Di Veroli, who has been following trends in the Israeli art scene in recent years, sought to bring together artists of different and diverse styles, conveying a clear Israeli message: Freedom and liberty in the different fields of art.
The exhibition, presented at the MACRO Testaccio Museum in Rome, focuses less on paintings and more on video art. Artist Michal Rovner sends the viewer through an alleged eyepiece of a microscope to focus on human movement simulating scientific inquisitiveness in bright red.
Tamar Harpaz, who was present at the festive opening, generated a lot of interest with her ability to create a manipulation among those viewing her work through a fixed and moving image.
Nahum Tevet presents “Islands,” a more colorful work compared to his previous creations.
Shay Frisch, who lives in Rome, transfers energy through electrical adaptors connected to each other. Frisch, by the way, is the first Israeli artist with his own exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome.
The list of artists is joined by Adi Nes, who is admired by the Italian audience, with a series of pictures of soldiers, as well as Gal Weinstein, Yael Bartana, Shai Kremer and many others.
The exhibition is being sponsored by many organizations and has received a medal of honor from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.
Israeli Ambassador to Italy Naor Gilon noted at the exhibition’s inauguration ceremony that “contemporary Israeli art is thriving in the West as innovative and interesting art.
“Museums and galleries in Israel are allowing our artists to reach out to museums across the world, and they are seeing fruit to their labor thanks to tourists’ great interest in Israel’s cultural centers.
“The current exhibition is a great taste of a wide variety of artists representing the different layers of the Israeli society,” the ambassador added.
The exhibition, which has won praise in the local press as well, runs until March 17.

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