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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter surfing in Israel

The water is warm and the waves are excellent, so check out Israel's many surfing centers.

Surfers from as far away as New York and Europe like to come to Israel for the Mediterranean's surf scene.

"The water is warm and the waves are excellent in Tel Aviv. There's really a lot of awesome surfers," says a tourist named Michal. "Surfing is getting [to be a] real big deal here in Israel, and I love it."

Carmel agrees: "Israel is such a small country but we have a lot of surfing centers, [and] there are a lot of surfing instructors here. The waves are pretty awesome ... because we have rocks on the bottom of the sea, which makes the wave open."

"When the weather in Europe is cold and hard, many tourists are coming to Israel to enjoy the beaches, the sun, the waves," says Orian, who runs Topsea Surfing Center ( in Tel Aviv.

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