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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

6 Canadian Yuk Yuk comedians walk into an Israeli bar… the rest is history…

A Universal Language, documents the exciting once in a life time journey of six Canadian comedians, among them Canadian comedy icon Mark Breslin, as they explore comedy, identity and history throughout the Holy Land and use the weapons of comedy to try and bring laughter to the Middle East.

Producer/Director/Writer: Igal Hecht
D.O.P.: Elad Winkler
Camera: Elad Winkler, Lior Cohen, Igal Hecht
Sound: Lior Cohen, Elad Winkler, Igal Hecht
Editors: Igal Hecht & Carlos R. Guevara
Music: T. J. Habibi
Co-producer: Richard M. Landau
Executive Producers: Jeff Silverman & Mark Breslin
Associate Producer: Mike Khardas & Lior Cohen
Production Assistant: Tom Rabin

Comedians featured
Mark Breslin
Aaron Berg
Nikki Payne
Rebecca Kohler
Jean Paul
Sam Easton
Mike Khardas
Kandi Abelson

Special Appearance by:

Adi Khalefa
Shahar Hason
Yisrael Campbell
Odelia Yakir
and many more