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Sunday, August 12, 2012

‘THE LAST ISRAELIS’: Israeli Submarines and Iranian Nukes

‘THE LAST ISRAELIS’: Israeli Submarines and Iranian Nukes

The powerful new novel entitled “The Last Israelis” is a gripping military and psychological thriller based on current events and extensive interviews with veterans of the elite and secretive Israeli submarine force.
The novel was recently published on AmazoniTunes and many other book sellers and has already garnered many five-star reviews, including from some of Amazon’s top book critics. Amazon Vine Voice reviewer Chris Kruschke calls it “One part ‘Crimson Tide’ and another part ‘Twelve Angry Men,’” and raves that “the final third of the book is some of the fastest paced and most gripping literature I’ve ever read.”
The novel begins with the Mossad informing Israel’s Prime Minister that he has only one week left to conduct a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities before Iran enters the “zone of immunity.” He must convince his cabinet to authorize a strike and avoid a possible second Holocaust, but first sends the US President an urgent message: “If, in the next 24 hours, you provide me with a written reassurance that the United States will give Iran a firm ultimatum, backed by overwhelming force, requiring the complete and verified dismantling of their nuclear program starting within 48 hours, then I will cancel the strike.” But hours later, a tumor in the Israeli leader’s brain stem leaves him in a coma, and Iran ultimately gets its nuclear weapon.
Depicting the doomsday scenario that follows, the story takes a suspense-filled ride aboard the Dolphin submarine.The mightiest vessel in the Israeli Navy, the Dolphin is armed with nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles that are Israel’s “second-strike” answer to the existential threat posed by a nuclear Iran. Daniel, captain of the Dolphin, is abruptly ordered to cut his military drill short and bring his crew back to shore. His gut tells him that something ominous is happening, as he and his crew commence a mission that will be one of the most important in world history. “The Last Israelis” is full of surprises and unpredictable twists. In his five-star review, David Edmiston, another Amazon Vine Voice reviewer, calls the book “spectacular”, noting that the “story plays out as well as any Tom Clancy novel.”
The book has enough naval action to qualify as a geopolitical page-turner about a Middle East Armageddon, but it also entertains as a psychological thriller. The cramped submarine provides a kind of social experiment that is more intense and compelling than any reality show: 35 men from completely diverse backgrounds who must survive or die together under regular and sometimes life-threatening challenges. The Dolphin’s crew represents a microcosm of Israeli society:descendants of Holocaust survivors, a Christian Arab, the son of Persian Jews who escaped from the 1979 Iranian revolution, an Arabic speaking Druze, an Ethiopian who crossed Sudan by foot as a child to reach Israel, religious Jews who serve on a mostly secular crew, the atheist son of a Soviet Refusenik, a submariner who holds staunchly right-wing views and another who secretly attends leftist rallies, and even the son of Vietnamese refugee boat-people saved by Israel in 1977. How does everyone get along through the relentless pressures of submarine life, various threats at sea, and an unthinkable dilemma placed before the group of 35 men?
Added to the cauldron of complexity are the rivalry and suspicion between the captain and his deputy, and the fact that one of the submariners suffered a tragic horror as a child and quietly lives with the emotional scars – psychological wounds that explode unpredictably.
Secondary to the main drama, many of the crewmembers’ loved ones highlight the best of Israel with their contributions to alternative energy, agriculture, medicine, humanitarian aid, and high-tech.
If you are concerned about Iran’s nuclear program, please support this book to raise awareness about the issue (and to enjoy a very entertaining read!). For more information and to purchase the book, please visit
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