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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hollywood star: Tel Aviv is the 'most intense' party town

Claire Danes - AP - October 2011

Claire Danes, left, and Damian Lewis, cast members in the Showtime television series "Homeland," take part in a panel discussion in Beverly Hills.

In late-night interview with Conan O'Brien, actress Claire Danes says speculates that Israel's tense environment may mean that Israelis need to 'blow off some steam.'

Hollywood star Claire Danes sang the praises of Tel Aviv's nightlife in an interview with Conan O'Brien last week, calling the coastal city the "most intense party town" she had ever been to.

Danes was a guest on O'Brien's TBS show Conan, where she spoke of her role as a CIA analyst on the hit show Homeland, a U.S. adaptation of Israeli drama Hatufim (Kidnapped).

Referring to her experience filming parts of the series in Israel, Danes said: "It was wonderful, I loved it."

"And the big reveal, the big surprise is that Tel Aviv is like a party town, kind of the most intense party town I've ever been to," Danes said, adding: "I realize, because it is very stressful there, you know, it's rather fraught and people are kind tense and they need to blow off some steam and they do. "

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O'Brien, seemingly surprised over the actress' comment, responded by saying: "That's funny. I don't often hear that about Israel, a party town," to which Danes responded: "Yeah, the bars are hopping."

Homeland, which is aired on the U.S. channel Showtime has earned glowing reviews from U.S. critics following its highly anticipated October 2 premier.

The series, which stars Danes as a CIA operations officer who follows a U.S. Marine (played by Damien Lewis) whom she suspects has turned into a spy after being held by al-Qaida as a prisoner of war, has been called a “big winner” by The Daily News.

U.S. Weekly called the series premier “masterful,” saying that the drama makes “24 look like child’s play,” while the Wall Street Journal warned that after the first episode, “it’s going to be hard standing the wait for the next.”