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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Google Voice Search now in Hebrew, Arabic

Application available to Android, iPhone users. Google compiles list of over one million words, expressions in both languages

Google announced on Monday the expansion of its Voice Search application to Hebrew and Arabic. According to the search engine giant, users in Jordan, Kuwait, Israel can now use Voice Search to get search results quickly.

Google stated that the application is now capable of recognizing 29 languages and accents. The announcement was posted on Google Mobile’s official blog site.

The application is available on Android and iPhone. Android users have to ensure their Android operation system is a later version than the Android 2.2.

The Android application can recognize only one language, and changing the language requires changing the phone’s language settings. iPhone users can choose the language from a language menu.Google said it had to negotiate a few unique challenges while creating the application, mainly programming the application to understand words with vowel points and collocations.

To overcome the problem, Google compiled a list of over one million words and expressions in Hebrew and in Arabic, using the predominant pronunciation, and trained the system to recognize the Arabic dialects of Egypt, the Persian Gulf and the Levant (eastern Mediterranean).

The company also noted that the advantage of its cloud-based application was that the more people use it, the better it gets.

Google added that the application was launched Tuesday morning and would become available within hours up to several days.

Source: Ynetnews