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Friday, February 18, 2011

Famous Kosher TV Cook Jamie Geller Visits Israel

Jamie Geller, author of "Quick and Kosher" and a renowned television cooking celebrity in the US, is in Israel on a visit. Arutz Sheva met her at the Jerusalem market.

Famous Kosher TV Cook Jamie Geller Visits Israel

Geller, whose book has now been translated into Hebrew, revealed that when she got married she had no idea how to cook, and that the book is, in fact, a reflection of the process she underwent in learning how to cook.

Geller believes that her popularity in the United States is due to the fact that she has picked up on a niche. “If I were just a regular, non-Kosher cookbook author, I would have no chance. The fact that I am kosher and fill that niche allows me to really have a niche and to be successful for that.”

She also noted that her television appearances appeal not just to Jewish people but to everyone, since “ethnic in America is very in.” Geller said that the Americans see kosher cuisine as healthier and more stringently hygienic, making it better for you.

Finally, Geller revealed that her dream is to make aliyah to Israel. “It’s been a dream of ours forever to make aliyah, so we hope to do so one day soon,” she said and noted that living in Israel would be amazing in terms of the food, since one can shop for fresh ingredients in the market and put together great dishes just by combining a few fresh ingredients together.