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Sunday, January 26, 2014

NASDAQ CEO Greifeld Tells Peres: ‘Israeli Companies Are a Success Story’

President Peres and Nasdaq CEO Greifeld. Photo: Israeli government.
President Peres and Nasdaq CEO Greifeld. Photo: Israeli government.

Robert Greifeld, CEO of the Nasdaq-OMX Stock Market, recently met with Israeli President Shimon Peres, and praised Israel’s technological success and innovativeness.

Greifeld told Peres that “Israeli companies are a success story on the NASDAQ, a success which can be mathematically proven. There are no national boundaries when relating to Israeli science and innovation. Israeli companies are inventive in their initiatives, think globally and are very much like American Silicon Valley companies. All the world’s companies wish to imitate the Israeli companies, and we recommend they do so.”
President Peres explained that Israeli Chutzpah was the key to its success. “Israeli audacity and the desire to change, to improve life standards and to dare – they are the true drive of Israeli companies,” he said. Peres believes Israel’s success as a ‘Start-Up Nation’ is a result of it being surrounded by hostile countries, situated in a desert region with no natural resources. “Israel relies on science, technology, and its human resources. There is no question that today’s Israeli hi-tech companies received a strong basis and a push by Israel’s military industries,” the President said.
President Peres elaborated on the latest technological achievements of Israeli developers, offering a glimpse into the future: “After the success of Nano technology, which was a true Israeli technological revolution, the next technology development I think will be the augmentation of human capabilities.”
At the conclusion of their meeting Greifeld wanted to hear about Peres’ legendary rigorous daily schedule.
NASDAQ, a New York based tech-focused exchange, lists nearly 70 Israeli companies.