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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Saz: Arab-Israeli Rapper and Reality TV Star

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Saz, born Sameh Zakut, is a well-known Arab-language rap and hip hop musician. His appearance in the docu-reality show "Living in La La Land" - which follows the attempts of six prominent Israeli performing artists to break into the American music scene -- brought him to the attention of mainstream Israeli music lovers. Yet Saz has chosen to remain faithful to his roots, believing that rap is the common ground of musicians in the Middle East. In his words, "music is our religion."

Never shy about demonstrating his pride in his hometown, Ramla, rapper Saz takes his inspiration from his surroundings. Growing up in this central Israeli city, located not too far from Tel Aviv, Saz realized that the greatest thing about Ramla is its semblance to a mosaic, one composed of different religious and ethnic groups. While Ramla has a Jewish majority, its Arab minority - Christians and Muslims alike - play an important role in the city and Saz is an icon in Ramla.

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