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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Top UK biomed executives arrive in Israel

UK Israel

Delegation of British pharmaceutical companies, organizations participating in international biomed conference in Tel Aviv. ‘Coupling of Israeli innovation with experienced British industry will be of enormous benefit to Israel companies,’ says British ambassador

A delegation of British pharmaceutical and biomed companies and organizations, headed by senior officials, has arrived in Israel to participate in the international biomed conference (ATIA- ILSI) taking place this week in Tel Aviv.
The delegation is made up of 20 members and is organized by the British Embassy in Israel, the UK Israel Tech Hub and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).
Among the members attending the event are representatives of the NHS- the British health services, NIHR- the British institute for Health Research, NICE- the National Institute for Excellence in Health, NOCRI- the NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure.
The British Embassy is displaying in pavilions #29-32. British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould, together with MP Alistair Burt, the Foreign Office minister, honored the event with his presence on Monday.
The members of the delegation were to hold a series of meetings with Israeli firms in search of cooperative ventures in development and the use of the UK as a springboard to Europe and the world at large.
“Through highlighting the world class offerings of the UK’s clinical research infrastructure, NOCRI is determined to develop and strengthen genuine collaborative partnerships between the UK and Israeli life science industries,” said Professor William Rosenberg, scientific advisor to NOCRI.
“Streamlined access to the NIHR’s technologically-advanced R&D facilities and skilled clinical research workforce can provide Israel companies with the support and backing required to develop patient-focused health treatments.”
According to Ambassador Gould, “The coupling of Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship with world class and
experienced British industry will be of enormous benefit to Israel companies.
“They will benefit from access to government programs that support companies in their initial stages, from the option to commercialize technology and develop it together with international pharmaceutical companies working in Britain.”