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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On eve of 2013, Israel’s population stands at cusp of 8 million

170,000 babies were born in 2012, and the country welcomed 16,500 new immigrants.

Israel’s population stands at 7,981,000 citizens, an increase of nearly 2 percent, according to an annual end of the year tally from the Central Bureau of Statistics, released on Sunday.
Of those nearly 8 million residents, 75.4 percent (6,015,000) are Jewish, 20.6% (1,648,000) are Arab (both Muslim and Christian) and the remaining 4% (319,000) are either non-Arab Christians or those who declined to state their religious affiliation to the Interior Ministry.
The year 2012 saw 170,000 babies born in the country, and Israel welcomed some 16,500 new immigrants, leading to a population growth of 1.8%, similar to previous years.
Story via Times of Israel