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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Israeli heavy metal band sings to the Arab world

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Orphaned Land has inspired fans from all over the world, including Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Turkey.

"Let me ask you this: If I would have told you 40 years ago that thousands of people would follow an Israeli band and that these people come from Arab countries, [that] they would make tattoos of this band, [that] some of them would go to jail because they were listening to this band, you would say that I am dreaming," says Orphaned Land lead singer Kobi Farhi.

"So those dreams are coming true."

Orphaned Land is first and foremost an Israeli heavy-metal band, but it's following in countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Iran and Syria has made it stand out. Farhi thinks he and his band mates have the key to peace: "If you give the situation to musicians, we [could] fix everything in a week."

Farhi would love to perform in Iran one day.
"I still dream and I still have faith and hopes that we will be able to do that because music is stronger than anything else I have met in my life," says the Israeli musician.

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