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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rogers Communications signs deal with Israeli traffic info service

Cellint Traffic Solutions pairs up with Canada’s Rogers Communications to launch country-wide traffic information service

An Israeli company, Cellint Traffic Solutions recently announced that it has signed an exclusive deal with Rogers Communications to launch a country-wide traffic information service in Canada later this year.

Cellint, which was founded in 2005 and has headquarters near Tel Aviv, is the leading provider of real-time road traffic information based on cellular data.

Cellint’s high resolution traffic information provides detection of relevant slowdowns, similar to road sensors, as well as travel time.

“We are excited to work with Rogers and we already see great interest from major industry players and key customers,” said Cellint CEO Ofer Avni.

“The combination of Rogers and Cellint is about to provide a higher standard of traffic information service in Canada than ever seen before, enabling Canadian drivers to make the most informed decisions related to their driving plans in real time.”

The company uses a technology called “TrafficSense” to continually provide traffic information through analysis of anonymous signaling data of mobile phones operating on Rogers 2G and 3G networks in vehicles.

All active phones provide anonymous travel time samples by matching their signaling data with a database of unique cellular signatures for each road, generated by the technology.

The traffic flow information is automatically analyzed and is distributed through text messages, voice messages, mapping information, TMC reports and other tools.

The service will be delivered to car manufacturers, navigation providers, mobile users, mapping portals and government agencies, according to a press release.

The first customer signed is a major public transit provider in Western Canada.

“Rogers is thrilled to be working with Cellint to deliver accurate and timely traffic information to players across Canada, helping businesses more efficiently manage assets that are on the move and to better the commuting experience for Canadians,” said Mansell Nelson, Vice-President of Rogers Machine-to-Machine.

Source: ShalomLife